Red RSM Shemagh


Red RSM Shemagh


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Red RSM Shemagh

Red RSM Shemagh with identical edges, maintains its shape even after washing and ironing.

 It gives you an elegant and luxurious look.

Made of the finest Italian cotton.

The Shemagh’s material is 100% cotton. 

English industry.

The Shemagh’s material is 100% cotton. 

RSM is patented for identical endings, and new machines are manufactured especially for this purpose

 so that the Shemagh can maintain its shape and beauty. 

Do not miss the opportunity to try RSM Shemagh.

Wash Instructions: 

- Wash with warm water.

- Hand wash and separation for dark colors. 

- Do not use chlorine bleaching. 

- Dry and iron at low temperature. 

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