Brown Soft YOO Shemagh



Brown Soft YOO Shemagh

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Brown Soft YOO Shemagh 

Brown Soft YOO Shemagh is woven with cotton threads and prepared with thermal clamping method to give the Shemagh a feeling of uniqueness and specialty.

The Shemag is special with its light weight and non-uniformity resistance. Its color is suitable for Summer and Winter clothes and is harmonious with all shades of brown, in addition to black and white colors. 

The Shemagh’s material is 100% cotton 

The Shemagh comes in an elegant box that is suitable for gifting 

Swiss Industry. 

Your choice of colors reflects the level of your elegance and taste.

This choice makes the surrounding people communicate with you according to your personal style

that is reflected through your appearance, in addition to your abilities to influence those around you

YOO Shemagh comes in a modern distinctive color set that was chosen according to specific standards

to suit all different tastes, in order to fill the great gap in the world of Gulf and Arabian man elegance.

Wash Instructions: 

- Wash with warm water.

- Hand wash and separation for dark colors. 

- Do not use chlorine bleaching. 

- Dry and iron at low temperature. 

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نيشان ستايل أجمل وأرقى أونلاين ستور في السعودية والخليج
نيشان ستايل لتغليف الهدايا وإرسالها ، الأكثر رقيا وأناقة