Red Grevena Shemagh

جريفينا grevena


Red Grevena Shemagh

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Red GENEVA Shemagh


·      Red GENEVA Shemaghis a unique and amazing design  that give an attractive, elegant, and deep feeling.

·         Money clip gift made of anti-corrosive stainless steel.

·         A luxurious box with leather texture from the outside and velvet from the inside, suitable for gifting.

·         The Shemagh’s material is 100% cotton.

·         Swiss industry.

·         GENEVA presents its annual collection that contains classic designs which

is “GENEVA CLASSIC”. It is presented for more than 15 years, in addition to the exclusive collection named “GENEVA LIMITED”, and “GENEVA PREMIUM” collection for youth in which the artistic, elegant, and innovative touch of the designer is revealed.

·         Wash Instructions:

-          Wash with warm water.

-          Hand wash and separation for dark colors.

-          Do not use chlorine bleaching.

-          Dry and iron at low temperature. 

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