Grey Boys Thobe Costume

زي ثوب zee thobe


Grey Boys Thobe Costume

SAR 209.00
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Grey Boys Thobe Costume with anti-corrosive stainless steel buttons and a beautiful touch of grey color on the collar. 

Practical Thobe suitable for schools all occasions.  

Sizes Schedule can be reviewed from size list guide. 

The journey of designing the Thobe Costume starts by being familiar with global fashion trends

and the needs of the local customer, then choosing the suitable materials, colors, and accessories

to introduce the Spring, Summer, and Winter collection.

Thobe Costume always seeks to choose the best international factories to manufacture its products.

These factories include skilled personnel who are trained to use the latest technology

in the garment industry. Factories also take the highest quality standards into account. 

Wash Instructions: 

- Wash with warm water.

- Wash colors individually. 

- Do not use chlorine bleaching. 

- Dry and iron at low temperature.

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